OneInventory is a bridge to help amusement parks, ticket distribution agents, room distribution agents expand sales channels by technology, connect ticket warehouses and rooms to major platforms, superapp has millions of users and potential customers available. power.

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E-wallet ecosystem

E-wallet is a payment account linked to a bank account to pay for the most popular online transactions today such as: Electricity, water, phone top-up (Top Up), buying movie tickets , buy services… Vietnam has more than 20 active wallets, fast, safe and most popular payment today are MoMo, Viettel Pay, ZaloPay, VTC Pay, Payoo…


Banking app
Mobile Banking today is not only limited to being an online banking service that allows customers to make money transfers, pay bills, apply for loans, open cards… Banks are turning apps into apps. become an ecosystem for customers to purchase many types of services, including tourism services.


E-commerce platform
E-commerce floors are online sales channels favored by many shop owners and trading companies and businesses today. Following the 4th industrial revolution, the trend of online shopping is increasingly popular, tourism businesses need to see e-commerce as a useful and practical solution.


Travel social network
There are about 270 licensed social networks with about 35 million users, accounting for 37% of the population of Vietnam. In addition to the function of communication and community engagement, social networks are also an effective tool to help localities in tourism development, supporting tourists to receive information and tourism services of the place they want to visit. convenient, easy way.


Loyalty Marketing Solutions
In Vietnam today, the application of programs to give away membership cards, purchase cards… has become more and more popular. This is an effective form of direct advertising, building the image of the business, increasing service quality, taking care of customers, helping to manage the customer system conveniently and bring business efficiency. high.


Travel service solutions
OneInventory advocates cross-linking with ecosystems providing services beyond hotel rooms and entertainment tickets such as: Air ticket system, Car Calling application, Travel insurance, Tour operating software… to increase the number of partners, provide package services, meet the diverse needs of tourism business.


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